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Elijah Verhagen is a life-long Alaskan, born in Fairbanks, in 1989. He grew up living between Nenana and Fairbanks  most of his life. He has had the opportunity to experience the joys and struggles of the life we live in the interior. As a young boy, he learned to live a subsistence lifestyle by hunting, trapping, fishing, and working hard. Elijah learned how to hunt and trap from his father, older brothers and good friends. He became an avid outdoors man. He also loves to snowboard, snow machine, and hike.

Elijah's parents owned several small businesses while he was growing up. They involved the family in both hard work and community service. Elijah's father worked for the Alaska Court System as a magistrate, and later shifted into the construction trade, where he taught Elijah and his brothers how to build with skill and precision.


After high school, Elijah started college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Construction Management. He paused his education to go on a two year service mission to South Korea where he became fluent in the Korean language. After his time overseas, he returned to UAF. He finished his associates degree in construction management and then went on to receive his bachelors degree in Political Science in 2014.

Elijah worked his first legislative session in Juneau in 2011 as a House Page. He worked seven sessions for four different House Representatives, including Dave Talerico, between the years 2011-2020. He has only worked during the 90 day sessions, as his career has been focused on working in the private sector in construction with his brothers. Elijah has spent time serving politically, in his local community, in his church community, and in his family.


In 2018, Elijah married the love of his life, Erin. He has spent the last few years with her building their new home in Nenana. They also have a little boy, Jacob, who is currently just over a year old. 


Service in our country and community is something that has been taught to Elijah by his parents from the time he was young. Elijah's father, Paul, served as an Assistant Fire Chief and both of his parents served as EMT III on the local Nenana Volunteer Fire Department. Elijah's father also helped in the formation of several community groups, including a former local tourism group and a community wellness group. All throughout these efforts, Paul included his children. Elijah was able to gain a broad grasp on the struggles and difficulties of diverse Alaskan needs. Elijah understands that there are both remote and urban needs to be met in District 6. He has experienced both ways of living throughout his life.

Elijah has encouraged Dave Talerico to run for office again this year, but he has declined because of previous commitments to his family. So after careful prayer and consideration, Elijah has made the decision to enter the race. He knows that it is a tough year and a difficult time for our state. Because of this, Elijah wants to offer his experience, both in the private and the public sector. He has a passion to do what he can to help our district here in the great state of Alaska. 

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